Summer Dining in Stockholm: Woodstockholm Bistro

Not sure whether it’s the unseasonably mild autumn we’re having here in Boston, but my thoughts have been straying to this past summer and my first visit to Sweden – in particular to an evening spent at a wonderfully unique eatery in Stockholm, so special I thought it worth sharing with you.

Found quite by accident while exploring the island of Södermalm, Woodstockholm Bistro sits on the corner of one of the prettiest squares in Stockholm, Mosebacke Square. With a classical fountain, stone terrace, and wooden tubs overflowing with pink flowers, it’s the perfect spot to while away a warm summer’s evening.

Owned by Chef Elias, the bistro is a neighborhood haunt frequented largely by Stockholmers, and it has the feel of an incredibly stylish farmhouse kitchen with a magnificent chef! Featuring classic Scandinavian light wood furniture and lighting fixtures, a large painting on one wall, and snug seating that includes a communal table and L-shaped bar, it’s a truly intimate gathering place.

Using local and sustainably sourced ingredients, Woodstockholm plans its menu around a theme, changing it up every couple of months. The night we were there, famous Swedish chef Tore Wretman had furnished the inspiration behind the cuisine, and a hardbound book with his recipes sat on the bar next to us for customers to browse. A small chalkboard, shared amongst the patrons, featured the menu – one meat entrée, one fish, and one vegetarian option, along with an array of side dishes, and unique and decadent desserts. Needless to say, all of the dishes, presented to us personally by the chef, were phenomenal – each morsel a medley of distinctive and wonderful flavors.

Last, but by no means least, the staff were wonderful. Informal, friendly, and welcoming, they had an easy rapport with one another, and they took time to talk with us at length about food, Stockholm, and Swedish culture. They even enquired about our favorite places in Stockholm so they could inform future patrons.

Stockholm is such a delight. I could extol the beauty of the architecture, the warm and welcoming residents, and my personal recommendations of places to see and things to do. But we’ll have to save that for another time :)

Jane Dent Grady
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