International Rescue: the Dogs Behind the Biggs Collection


Transplanted from London to Boulder, CO for a year in my 20’s, I became a volunteer at the Boulder County Humane Society. It turned out to be a wonderful and eye-opening experience. The highlight of my volunteer shifts was walking the dogs – giving them some much-needed exercise and a temporary reprieve from the confines of their kennels. Some were shy at first, while others bounded out of the kennel with excitement. Walking in the dry heat of Colorado, mountains rising toward the vast blue sky, was quite a culture shock a far cry from the cloudy skies and busy streets of London!

These walks were as much a treat for me as they were for the dogs. They were so grateful for the social interaction and playful outdoor exploration, and I was more than happy to spend time with some amazing pups. Bonding with so many dogs over my time there, it was all I could do not to take them all home.

One beautiful young collie in particular stole my heart: Ben. When I heard that he was going to be euthanized, I desperately wanted to adopt him. But as that was impossible (knowing I was returning to England the following year) I was determined to find a home for him, and I did. He became the perfect addition to a family in Boulder. Though I missed him so much, I was content knowing he had found a loving home.

I’ve always been passionate about animal welfare – even as a child I refused to eat anything that looked like an animal. But my experience in Boulder was the start of my particular interest in the plight of rescue dogs and homeless animals worldwide.

Back in London the following year, I finally adopted my own dog from Battersea Dogs Home – a beautiful collie mix with a black and chestnut-colored coat and the sweetest personality. Formerly a stray on the streets of London, she was skinny as a rail. It took months before she stopped scavenging for food on our daily walks in Richmond Park. But with some training and much love, she settled into her new home quickly. Several years passed before I moved to the States, this time to the East coast. She, of course, came with me.

Now, I have two rescues at home, Biggs and Tam. As well as being our beloved family pet, Biggs has now become the namesake of my brand new dog bed and blanket collection. The Biggs Dog Bed features my brand new, mid-century-inspired Charley pattern (available in three colors). And the Biggs Fleece Dog Blankets are designed to perfectly color-coordinate with the beds. Both of our pups are already enjoying their new beds and blankets as I write!

I’m excited to announce that a percentage of profits from every dog bed and blanket sale will go to Humane Society International. HSI is the international branch of one of the foremost animal welfare organizations in the United States. They do excellent work for animals worldwide, including working in South Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam to put an end to cruel dog meat farms. HSI has also developed humane, sustainable solutions to improve the lives of dogs across the globe, with dog and cat welfare programs in 25 countries. I’m thrilled that Lupin Studio will now be supporting this important work.

I hope you’ll check out the new collection, with a pup by your side! 

J xo


Jane Dent Grady
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